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At Foundations Construction Services (FCS), our job is to support your construction needs and keep you educated and informed. Our professional and fair approach allows us to successfully complete your project while offering you as much or as little involvement as you prefer in the day-to-day construction process.

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Main Street Revitalization


(West coast, FL)

Project type:
Widened road, new sidewalks, 
landscaping, utilities, and lighting

Construction type:
Site development, road, utilities, landscaping

Project value:




Central Ohio




Whirlpool Expansion

(Tulsa, OK)

Bristow Flight Training Academy

(East coast, FL)

Whirlpool Distribution

(Dallas, TX)

Exploration Park Infrastructure

(East coast, FL)

Gateway Infrastructure

(West coast, FL)

Space FL HQ Design

(East coast, FL)

Plainfield Spec Warehouse

(Plainfield, IN)


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